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Primate Diets
Control of Fire 
Luring Prey
Wetland Foods
Periglacial Steppe
Sub-arctic Habitat
Marine Resources
Buffalo Hunters
Sago Harvesting
Firing Woodlands
Preserved Foods
Keeping Account

All illustrations by the author Ivan Crowe


There may have been little left after a pride of lions had finished eating and once the original predators have had their fill whatever was left of a kill would then have been dismembered over a period of time by various scavengers in a fairly predictable sequence. The more powerful animals such as hyenas had first choice of the pickings while the weaker and more marginal scavengers such as the vultures and jackals had to make do with what was left. It is though uncertain at what point early hominids became involved in the sequence of events. It is unlikely that even the use of primitive weapons and threat would have persuaded a pride of lions to relinquish their prize nor dislodged a pack of hyenas but other scavengers may have been persuaded to leave.